Life with drunk monkey as a proud gay dad

The Problem Of Two Daddies

When Emma was born, Kenny and I discussed what our parental titles should be. Dad? Papa? But we were so engrossed in diaper changes, feedings, and keeping up with everyday care that the discussion kind of went by the wayside.  After months of us both referring to ourselves by the same name, Emma naturally took to calling us both ‘Daddy.’  Whenever she calls for Daddy, we both respond.  What could be better than double coverage, right?  And while there isn't any confusion at home, I've since learned the hard way that there may be unintended consequences of having two 'Daddies' [...]

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Things I’ve Learned Being A Dad.

1) The scent of fresh baby wipes mixed with the stench of a shitty diaper should be turned into a Yankee Candle to prevent teenage pregnancies. 2) Parents who wrap giant bows around their daughter’s head like she’s been won in a Christmas raffle ought to be reported to child services. 3) People on the street will act as if they own the sidewalk, and consider themselves far too important to look where they're going or take their eyes off their phone. Yet they have the audacity to blame YOU when they walk into your stroller. 4) I am someone [...]

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Emma In The Motherland

I’d been excited to head back for a visit to England ever since Emma was born. It was the first time she would meet my family and friends and she could get a glimpse of where I grew up. We planned the journey and flights as close to her sleeping schedule as possible. Whether it was the timing, or the slight rocking of the turbulence we experienced over the pond, we were lucky she slept all the way to Blighty. Something changed in Emma on this trip. Whether it was because she was surrounded by something different, or because she [...]

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Emma wasn’t going to remember it, of course. She was only six months old when Hillary took the stage to accept the nomination for President of the United States of America.  But Kenny took the photo because he wanted evidence that Emma had witnessed, albeit on TV, that historic moment when a woman took the next step on her path to becoming the leader of the most powerful country on the planet. It meant something to us and, one day, Emma will see that it meant something to her, too. When she's old enough to understand, I will tell her [...]

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It was a long, complicated, and frustrating path for Kenny and me to be together.  We met in 2004 in the Middle East, where Kenny was serving in the US Navy. Over the next twelve years we lived under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ the Defense of Marriage Act (more widely known by its appropriately ominous and foreboding acronym, "DOMA"), immigration obstacles, and every other challenge the governments of a British-American couple could throw at them. But in 2016, Kenny was now a lawyer and I was an author.  Although we married six years earlier in Washington DC, our marriage was not [...]

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