Judged by a panel of expert photographers and National Geographic staff, the annual contest received thousands of entries in three different categories: Nature, Cities and People.

Here are 10 amazing shots entered into the competition.

Sunrise along the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi, India

Category – People
Photographer – Navin Vatsa

Wildlife under lightning.

Category – Nature
Photographer -Kelvin Yeung

Walking into the lantern Wonderland.

Category – People
Photographer – Helen She

Lioness of Khwai

Category – Nature
Photographer – Alexis Castillo

Hi-five polar bear cubs.

Category – Nature
Photographer – Michelle Theall

The gathering of Kukeri – Bulgarian pagan festival.

Category – People
Photographer – Kristyn Taylor

Tip of the iceberg.

Category – Nature
Photographer – David Edgar

Centrality – Manta Ray swims through fish off Revillagigedo Islands reef.

Category – Nature
Photographer – Jon Anderson

Sunrise behind the Taj Mahal

Category – Cities
Photographer – John O.

Le Fleche de Notre Dame

Category – Cities
Photographer –

One extra, as it’s from my home city of Brighton UK.

The reader.

Category – Cities
Photographer Guillaume Flandre

You can find the full list of winners here at National Geographic.