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Cory Booker endorses Joe Biden

Cory Booker has endorsed Joe Biden for president, becoming the latest in a string of presidential candidates to back the former vice president. The New Jersey senator tweeted his support to Biden this morning. https://twitter.com/CoryBooker/status/1236971319822082048 California Sen. Kamala Harris also endorsed Biden this weekend.

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Dear Harry, you made the right decision to leave.

For 35 years you’ve had men in suits telling you who to be, what to be, where to be, how to stand, what to say, what not to say, and how to serve your country. And while most of us enjoy the luxury of living our lives on our own terms, you haven't been afforded that because of your position. It’s a bizarre situation, isn’t it? You belong to an institution of extraordinary luxury and wealth, but subject to the perverse view many hold that you are public chattel from birth. As Prince Harry and the Duke of Sussex, [...]

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex dazzle at the Endeavour Fund Awards

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared last night at one of their last official engagements together before they step back from royal life later this month. The couple attended the Endeavour Fund awards ceremony to celebrate the sporting and adventure achievements of sick and injured service personnel. It was their first official appearance together since announcing in January that they would divide their time between Canada and the UK. The Duchess presented the Celebrating Excellence Award during the event and said: 'Its very nice to be back. It's the third year I've had the incredible fortune of joining my [...]

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Klobuchar and Buttigieg to endorse Joe Biden

Sen. Amy Klobuchar has withdrawn from the 2020 presidential race and a campaign aid reveals that she plans to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden: https://twitter.com/merica/status/1234547130670493696 Just minutes after the announcement, reports surfaced that Pete Buttigieg also plans to endorse Biden as the Democratic nominee. Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg plans to endorse Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential nominating contest on Monday, shortly after ending his own bid for the White House, a top Buttigieg adviser told Reuters. The boost to Biden comes along with an endorsement from outgoing rival Amy Klobuchar, a day [...]

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Pete Buttigieg receives outpouring of love and support as he suspends his campaign

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg received an outpouring of support on Twitter after announcing on Sunday night that he was suspending his 2020 Democratic primary campaign.  Buttigieg leaves the race after a strong bid that included winning the Iowa caucuses and coming in second in the New Hampshire primary. Watch: https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1234403071905718274 Candidates The remaining 2020 Democratic candidates paid tribute to the former mayor's run as the news broke. https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1234290223451901954 https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1234266283992133632 https://twitter.com/amyklobuchar/status/1234281337776955392 https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/1234299309522325505 Supporters Supporters of Pete Buttigieg also took to Twitter to express their thanks and appreciation for his historic run as the first openly gay presidential candidate. https://twitter.com/NRMorrow/status/1234282746694062081 https://twitter.com/chrislongview/status/1234253852708417537 https://twitter.com/vote4robgill/status/1234257089117200384 [...]

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Prince Harry renews commitment to UK youth charity

Prince Harry has pledged his continued support to a British youth charity after his position as a senior royal comes to an end. Prince Harry has told the OnSide charity, which has built 12 youth clubs in England, that he will continue to support its work. The charity plans to build a national network of clubs 'to keep children off the streets, away from knife crime and off their smartphones.' It is one of the first UK charities, in addition to his private patronages, Prince Harry has publicly committed to in his new independent role, which will likely see him [...]

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A daughter writes message in the snow for mom battling cancer

In the fresh Ohio snow, a daughter sent a message of encouragement to her mom as she recieved treatement for brain cancer. Michelle Schambach's view of her daughter's message. CNN reports: Michele Schambach, 65, arrived at the Cleveland Clinic from Guatemala on Wednesday hoping for more advanced treatment for her aggressive brain cancer. This was her second time in the United States for treatment, after coming to the non-profit hospital for care in October. Her daughter, Marie Schambach, a physician in Guatemala, told CNN she had never seen snow before, but decided that she could use it to [...]

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Duke of Sussex asks to be referred to simply as ‘Harry’

The Duke of Sussex has asked to be addressed simply as "Harry" as he carried out his first royal engagement since returning to the UK from Canada. Prince Harry arrives back in the UK. The prince was speaking at a conference in Edinburgh promoting sustainable tourism in what is set to be one of his last duties before he and the Duchess of Sussex step back from royal duties. As the host was introduced to the audience, host Ayesha Hazarika said the 35-year-old wanted to be referred to as "Harry". https://twitter.com/chrisshipitv/status/1232614382754058240 ITV reports: The couple have recently confirmed [...]

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Love makes a family

When Alba was born, she was given up for adoption. Entering the system as a newborn with Down Syndrome, she was rejected by twenty families. But then she found Luca. Luca had always wanted to be a father, but Italian authorities don’t usually grant custody to single, gay men. He was told that he could only adopt a baby with special needs who had been previously rejected by 'traditional' families. But having volunteered and worked with people with disabilities since his teens, he was not deterred. In July 2017 Luca was contacted by social services about a 30-day-old baby girl [...]

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Tales of two headlines: Press clickbaiting of Meghan proves they were right to leave

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would step back from their royal duties, they made clear that a significant contributing factor to their decision was their treatment by the British press. While the press say they have been nothing but "fair" in their treatment of the couple, the constant stream of negative press stories betrays their claim. This is a headline from the Daily Express on 13th February 2020: The article itself focuses on Princess Beatrice's upcoming marriage. It details the size and location of the wedding and the couple's request for donations to their chosen charities in [...]

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