The Agora Photography Awards finalists.

With 130,000 submissions from photographers all over the world, the finalists for the Agora photography awards have been revealed.   Here's a pick of some of the best!   'Among the white umbrellas' A woman makes traditional umbrellas at a factory in Mandalay, Myanmar, by Aung ThuYa   'Alone in the desert' - The shot was taken from a high dune in Morocco, where Nomads are moving through the Sahara desert, by Carles Alonso   'Songs Of Freedom' - an amazing image of boys enjoying music in Ghana, by Michael Aboya. 'Ant balancing the earth'  - shows the tiny insect [...]

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Amazing driftwood sculptures.

American artist Jeffro Uitto has created incredible animal sculptures made up of driftwood found on the Washington state coast. The Sea Horse Each piece is found and rescued from the shores of Tokeland, the banks of Smith Creek, or the valleys between the Willapa Hills. Lion Rhino Landing Eagle Driftwood Giraffe Humpback Whale Deer Lion head The artist also creates light installations, furniture, and feature pieces from the salvaged wood. Rock Guitar You can see more of this amazing artist's work, and the process of creating many of his sculptures over at his Instagram account found here: Jeffro Uitto [...]

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Watch: How they made an indoor rainbow with 60 miles of colored thread.

Installation artist Gabriel Dawe created an incredible indoor rainbow with 60 miles of colored thread at the The Renwick in DC in 2015.   Watch:   Dawe named the piece 'Plexus A1.'   While you're here... By donating as little as $1 per month you can help us maintain the My Daughter’s Army website and help us deliver new content and provide a platform for our readers to share and amplify their voices. We are grateful for all contributions, big or small, that can be made by clicking the secure PayPal link below. Thank you!

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2019 National Geographic travel photo contest winners.

Judged by a panel of expert photographers and National Geographic staff, the annual contest received thousands of entries in three different categories: Nature, Cities and People. Here are 10 amazing shots entered into the competition. Sunrise along the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi, India Category - People Photographer - Navin Vatsa Wildlife under lightning. Category - NaturePhotographer -Kelvin Yeung Walking into the lantern Wonderland. Category - PeoplePhotographer - Helen She Lioness of Khwai Category - NaturePhotographer - Alexis Castillo Hi-five polar bear cubs. Category - NaturePhotographer - Michelle Theall The gathering of Kukeri - Bulgarian pagan festival. Category [...]

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The man who builds giants.

This is Danish artist Thomas Dambo.   He builds giants and leaves them in the forests of Copenhagen for people to find as part of an art installation named The Six Forgotten Giants.   Little Tilde   All of his sculptures are made from local scrap wood and recycled materials, and constructed in hidden locations. He then invites adventurers to go on treasure hunts to find them.     It's Dambo's way of encouraging people to appreciate the trails in the area and get out into nature. He also hopes to inspire people to have fun and think of trash [...]

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Rare photos capture the ‘Elephant Queen’ of Kenya.

British photographer Will Burrard-Lucas captured a series of black-and-white photographs of - what he calls - the 'Elephant Queen' roaming in the natural landscape around Kenya's Tsavo National park . The images were taken in partnership with the Tsavo Trust, a not-for-profit group, in the hope of raising awareness about the animals. Known as a "Big Tusker" she's a rare sight. It's estimated that fewer than 30 of these animals still exist in Africa. Courtesy of Will Burrard-Lucas Courtesy of Will Burrard-Lucas Courtesy of Will Burrard-Lucas Courtesy of Will Burrard-Lucas Courtesy of Will Burrard-Lucas The photographs appear in a new book titled Land of the [...]

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The Kiss of Life.

The story behind this photo. From Taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito, this photo called “The Kiss of Life” shows a utility worker named J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker Randall G. Champion after he went unconscious following contact with a low voltage line. They had been performing routine maintenance when Champion brushed one of the low voltage lines at the very top of the utility pole. His safety harness prevented a fall, and Thompson, who had been ascending below him, quickly reached him and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He was unable to perform CPR given the circumstances, but continued breathing into [...]

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Watch: Brazilian Surfer catches GIANT wave. The Independent reports: Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa has officially broken the world record for the world’s biggest wave ever to have been surfed, with his incredible run at Nazare beach in Portugal being recognised as a Guinness World Record. The World Surf League confirmed the achievement at its Big Wave Awards in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday night, with the official height of the wave registered at 80 feet [24.38 metres]. Roxa, who rode the wave back on 8 November, recalled it as “the best day of my life” with the video going viral on social media over the weekend. In a statement, [...]

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