Watch: When his son wanted to dance to “Frozen” songs, this dad put on an Elsa costume and danced with him.

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WATCH: Man has the face of his brother who has down syndrome tattooed onto his arm as a tribute to his strength.

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WATCH: Heartwarming moment a father, 88, is reunited with son, 53, after a spending a week apart for the first time ever. From MSN News: Heart melting footage shows the moment a father is reunited with his son who has Down Syndrome after a week apart.  Matt Cobrink, 53, was flown to New York from the home he shares with his father Malcolm, 88, in Los Angeles to meet his favorite baseball player, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.   But the trip meant that Matt would be away from his father for almost a week, for the first time in 25 years, since his mother passed away. Matt's sister Marcy decided to record the moment when they were reunited because [...]

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WATCH: Kindergarteners learn to sign Happy Birthday to beloved school custodian. From Yahoo News: A group of students made their beloved janitor's birthday extra special by learning to sing "Happy Birthday" in sign language to him. The kindergarteners of Hickerson Elementary School in Tennessee, surprised Mr. James Anthony, who is deaf, with an unforgettable rendition of the song as he entered their classroom on Oct. 23 — his 60th birthday. "His reaction was ecstatic," kindergarten teacher Allyssa Hartsfield told "Good Morning America." "He cried, and of course we got emotional with him. After it was over, he said, 'This is the best birthday present you could've given me.'" PHOTO: he [...]

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WATCH: Man plays the piano for a blind elephants in a sanctuary in Thailand From CBS: They say an elephant never forgets, and those at Elephants World in Thailand will certainly never forget Paul Barton. Barton is the man who introduced these elephants to classical music. Barton is a classical pianist who has shared his talents with some very big audiences — literally big. He spends a lot of his time performing for elephants. Barton shares his experiences with these giant creatures in vlogs on his YouTube channel and on Facebook, and his videos have gone viral. It all started when he and his wife first discovered the sanctuary, Elephants World, online, Barton explains in a video. "We [...]

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WATCH: What would Christmas be without love? Watch the new Erste Christmas online advert, the story about the little hedgehog. A story about the power of love, of believing in yourself and in the good of others. And no matter how insurmountable an obstacle may seem: love will find its way.

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WATCH: Mom gets her own graduation surprise. From ABC: ' A mother who attended every class with her quadriplegic son so he could pursue his Master of Business Administration (MBA) was surprised with her own honorary degree at her son’s graduation. “I was just blown away,” Judy O’Connor said of the honor. “I’d been in the trenches with his fellow grad students for two years and gotten to know them so it was really special.” Judy O’Connor, a retired elementary school teacher, relocated from Florida to California in 2013 to care for her son, Marty O’Connor, who was paralyzed a year earlier after falling down a [...]

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Johns Hopkins Awards Honorary Masters Degree To Service Dog

When Carlos Mora received his Masters of Science in Counseling from Johns Hopkins, his service dog, Kirsch, was also awarded an honorary degree for having attended all of his owner’s classes.   College officials read this statement when the pair walked across the stage: 'Our last counseling degree graduate to walk across the stage tonight is Carlos Mora and his service dog Kirsch. Since Kirsch sat through every class with Carlos, both will be receiving a master’s degree in mental health counseling. We want everyone to know that Kirsch was not charged for his degree.'    

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