Britain bans gender stereotype advertising.

The UK advertising standards authority have implemented the ban on gender stereotype advertising following their initial plans announced last year. In a statement issued Friday 14th June, the ASA wrote: [Advertisements] must not include gender stereotypes that are likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offence. This change follows a review of gender stereotyping in ads by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – the body that administers the UK Advertising Codes. The review found evidence suggesting that harmful stereotypes can restrict the choices, aspirations and opportunities of children, young people and adults and these stereotypes can be reinforced by some advertising, which [...]

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Top Gear sprays pride flag on cars used in Brunei filming.

Freddie Flintoff, the former England Cricket captain turned Top Gear host, shows his support to the LGBT community. The Guardian reports: Support for LGBT rights has come from a surprising quarter after Top Gear sprayed two cars used in filming in Brunei in rainbow colours in opposition to the country’s threat to make homosexuality punishable by stoning to death. Flintoff told the Guardian he and his colleagues were horrified after hearing the announcement about the imposition of the death penalty by the south-east Asian country just after they filmed a segment there at the end of March.“We would never have filmed in Brunei had the law [...]

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Watch: JetBlue’s inflight announcement with Bob the Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel. From Adweek: The video will be featured on JetBlue, VH1 and RuPaul’s Drag Race’s social channels, while a “making of” version of the spot will soon air on JetBlue planes. The campaign and video were produced in-house by Viacom Velocity.

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Pittsburgh man gives Dad hugs at Pride to those rejected by their parents.

Last week, a mom was celebrated for giving out free hugs to LGBT folk at the Monterry Pride march. This week Scott Dittman is being celebrated the same way for giving out Dad hugs at Pittsburgh Pride. Photo Via CBS CBS Reports: Helping others is not something new to one Pennsylvania man, who attended and received over 700 hugs in two and a half hours from individuals at the Pittsburgh Pride parade on Saturday. Going to the parade gave Scott Dittman, who is married to a woman and has two kids, a new outlook on issues people in the LGBT community [...]

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Ecuador legalizes same-sex marriage.

Ecuador's highest court authorized same-sex marriage on Wednesday in a landmark case seeking to expand LGBT rights in the South American nation. From The Washington Post: With the 5-to-4 ruling, Ecuador joins a handful of Latin American nations — Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and Uruguay — that have legalized same-sex marriage either through judicial rulings, or less frequently, legislative action. Another celebration for equality. Congratulations, Ecuador!

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Trans ex-Army officer receives MBE honor.

Captain Hannah Graf, 32, who rose to be the highest-ranking transgender woman in the British Army, received her MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from Prince William on Wednesday. The honor was in recognition of services to the LGBTQ community in the military. She also took the opportunity to comment on Donald Trump's transgender military ban. The Metro reports: She said: ‘I think it (the MBE) is particularly important when considering what’s going on in the United States where their commander-in-chief is saying transgender people don’t deserve to serve. ‘It’s a stark contrast and I’m [...]

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Billy Porter steps out in a pro-choice inspired outfit.

Pose star Billy Porter arrived at the 2019 Tony awards and made his support of women's reproductive rights clear. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Porter spoke of the red velvet look - created by New York label Celestino Couture: Getty Images “At the fitting, we spoke about making a pattern on the train that was in the shape of a uterus, but not obvious of course. And I thought it was awesome because women’s rights are under attack right now. I’m an advocate for all who are disenfranchised. None of us are free until we’re all free!“I really [...]

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This is how you ally.

Cody Barlow lives in Hulbert, a small rural town in Oklahoma with a population of just 590 people. But this straight ally wanted to publicly affirm solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. So he decorated his truck with a special message: NOT ALL COUNTRY BOYS ARE BIGOTS - HAPPY PRIDE MONTH. He also added his message of support in a public Facebook post now set to go viral. Via Cody Barlow - Facebook At a time when LGBTQ+ rights are under siege and division and hatred dominate the headlines, it's refreshing and inspiring to see light in the darkness. Now more [...]

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Lesbian couple violently attacked in London.

A lesbian couple were attacked by a group of men on a bus as they traveled through North West London in the early hours of May 30th. Sam Woods at The Daily Mail reports: A Ryanair flight attendant and her girlfriend were covered in blood after a gang of men allegedly attacked them on a London bus because they refused to kiss.Melania Geymonat, 28, was riding the bus with her American girlfriend Chris after an evening out in West Hampstead, North West London. But during the journey, she claimed a gang of young men behind them saw they were a couple [...]

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Twitter’s best responses to proposed Straight Pride Parade.

Every June, without fail, someone on social media will question why there is no 'Straight Pride Parade.' But this year someone wants to be that little bit extra. The gentleman in question got the response he deserved.

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