Beto O’Rouke takes Bill O’Reilly down in one tweet.

Former Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly took to Twitter last night to question the honesty of a remark made by Beto O'Rouke during last night's Democratic Debate. The tweet immediately backfired when O'Rouke replied with a picture of the woman mentioned. He also took the opportunity to take make a dig at O'Reilly who, in 2017,  paid at least $45 million to settle multiple sexual harassment claims, including $32 million to a former Fox News analyst.   Life comes at you fast, Bill!

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Watch: Susan Rice calls Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria ‘batshit crazy.’

Former national security adviser Susan Rice appeared on The Late show last night and shared her view on President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria. Rice: "These are the people who for the last four years have been fighting on our behalf, with our equipment to defeat ISIS, and they have done it with enormous efficacy, and they’ve sacrificed immensely, and we basically just said to them, 'See ya.'" Watch: The comments came hours after Trump took to Twitter to post a bizarre set of tweets where he claimed he would 'totally destroy and obliterate the [...]

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How the SCOTUS LGBT cases could undermine protections for all sexual harassment claims.

In a trio of cases being heard this week, the Supreme Court is set to decide whether it’s illegal to fire someone for being gay or transgender. But if SCOTUS decides the answer is “no,” it not only will leave LGBT Americans unprotected, it could ultimately undermine all claims of sexual harassment, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of “sex.” The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has interpreted that to include sexual orientation and gender identity since the Obama administration. But the Trump administration is [...]

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Hillary Clinton: Trump is a ‘corrupt human tornado’ who will not be re-elected.

In a a preview of an interview with CBS Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her thoughts on whether Trump will win re-election in 2020. "Well, I hope not, and I don't think so -- because the objective is to field whoever is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump." She later added: "Because Donald Trump right now poses a direct threat, a clear and present danger to the institutions of our government, to the rule of law, to our standing in the world." Clinton also commented on the 2016 race: "I believe [...]

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Watch: Rudy Giuliani melts down on TV – again.

During a segment on Laura Ingram's Fox News show, the former New York Mayor and Trump's personal lawyer started spinning conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and claiming the State Department initiated his contacts with Ukraine on behalf of Donald Trump.  Huff Post reports: In his latest Fox News, appearance, Giuliani also spun conspiracy theories about billionaire philanthropist and activist George Soros, attacked the FBI and called Biden “intellectually challenged.” Later in the show, he engaged in a shouting match with Democratic commentator Chris Hahn, who accused Giuliani of making things up. Giuliani threatened to sue Hahn for libel, then called him a “moron” and [...]

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UK Supreme Court rules Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was illegal.

Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the UK Supreme Court has ruled. Johnson prorogued Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, saying it was to allow a Queen's Speech to outline his new policies. But the UK's highest court said it was wrong to stop Parliament carrying out its duties. The New York Times reports: The unanimous decision, which upheld a ruling from Scotland’s highest civil court, could force the government to reconvene Parliament before Oct. 14, reopening a debate over Brexit that was short-circuited when Mr. Johnson asked the queen to suspend, or prorogue, Parliament for five weeks. “The decision [...]

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Watch: Rudy Giuliani interview goes off the rails.

During a heated conversation with Chris Cuomo on Thursday night, Rudy Giuliani spiraled into a bizarre ten minute rant about whistleblowers, Joe Biden, CNN and Chris Cuomo. Watch highlights and Don Lemon break down the interview: Video Via CNN

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440 pairs of high heels installed in Istanbul to raise awareness of women killed in domestic abuse.

440 pairs of women’s shoes have been hung on two art installation walls in Istanbul to raise awareness of the number of women killed by domestic violence in Turkey. "I put up shoes to represent the 440 women who were sadly murdered last year, to create social awareness about femicides," said Vahit Tuna, the artist behind the project.             The project will be displayed between Sept 2019 - Feb 2020.   While you're here... By donating as little as $1 per month you can help us maintain the My Daughter’s Army website and help us deliver new content [...]

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Trump’s promise to foreign leader prompts whistleblower complaint.

A communication between President Donald Trump and a world leader prompted a whistleblower complaint that is now at the center of a dispute between the director of national intelligence and Congress. CNN reports: The concern was first revealed by The Washington Post, which reported that an official in the American intelligence community was so bothered by a "promise" Trump made to a foreign leader that the official filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the inspector general of the intelligence community, citing two former US officials familiar with the matter. CNN has not independently confirmed the detail about a "promise" made to [...]

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