Open letter to President Trump: I must admit, I’m enjoying watching you sweat.

President Trump, I must admit, I’m enjoying watching you sweat. For a man so fond of walls, it’s delicious irony watching your own closing in on you so fast. The impeachment hearings have already confirmed so much about you that we already knew. You haven’t got the vaguest grasp of diplomacy, the rule of law, or the Constitution. And, of course, your recent attempt to intimidate Ambassador Yavanovitch while she testified underlined your blatant misogyny.   But the impeachment hearings are showing the wider public that your general lack of understanding is what REALLY exposes you. When the Ukraine 'quid [...]

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Open letter: To Donald J. Trump

To Donald J. Trump, In 1993, when very few knew who Osama Bin Laden was or the threat his group would pose, I was a young terrorism analyst working for the Intelligence Community. It was a confusing time in the early post-Cold War world. No one wanted to believe a single individual without the massive resources of a nation state could be a significant threat to the United States. So to help explain the tremendous power of influence that one person could yield, I compared Bin Laden to someone everyone did know at the time: a public figure whose charisma [...]

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Open letter: Dear Conversion Therapists….

Dear Conversion Therapists, When will you eventually give up the charade that people are able to change their sexuality?  In the past your ‘profession’ has used castration, ice pick lobotomies, and psychiatric institutions. It has conducted electric shock therapy sessions, induced vomiting, and physically beaten any mannerism it deemed not ‘masculine’ out of young gay men in an attempt to turn them straight. Some have even tried to put the "fear of God" into them. Did any of it work? No. These young men who come to you for help are in a crisis. After years of society feeding them [...]

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Open letter: Dear Mr Trump, You’re an asshole and your Evangelical supporters are ignorant hypocrites.

Dear Mr Trump, You’re an asshole.  Most of us think so, but sometimes it just needs to be said out loud.  You aren’t our “favorite President,” as you frequently claim on Twitter.  You’re not our favorite anything.  And you won’t be until you become our favorite “former president currently serving a lengthy prison sentence.” You became president by riding the movement and momentum of the very worst parts of American society – our fears, our latent (and not-so-latent) racism, and our xenophobic, isolationist impulses.  But no movement has carried you aloft more than the Evangelicals. Given their constant moral outrage, [...]

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Open letter: To the spineless, complicit, irredeemable GOP Trump enablers.

To the spineless, complicit, irredeemable GOP Trump enablers: You did this. You have fomented the chaos, division, and discord that Trump sows. You’ve enabled his every foible, you’ve excused his destruction, and you’ve attacked anyone challenging Trump’s cult of personality. And now that the walls are closing in, you’re silent. Or worse, you’re continuing to defend or excuse the behavior that everyone outside the Fox News bubble can see is destroying the institutions that underpin our democracy. But we know how this story goes. As more and more comes out and even the most ardent Trumpers have to acknowledge that [...]

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Open Letter: Dear President Obama, I miss you.

Dear President Obama, I’m not the nostalgic type, it just isn’t in my nature.  It’s ridiculous to think of 2008-2016 as “the good ol’ days.”  That kind of wistfulness is reserved for my parents’ generation. But I truly miss having you as the leader of our country.  I miss who we were when you were President. I miss having an eloquent president who draws on his actual knowledge, answering questions thoughtfully and rationally. Now we have a village idiot, stringing together superfluous long words to mimic intelligence.  I miss having a president who so clearly loves and is devoted to his family. Now we have [...]

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Open letter: Dear Mark Bingham

Dear Mark, On September 11th, 2001, you and your fellow passengers on United Flight 93 overpowered the hijackers and forced the plane to crash into a field in Pennsylvania, thwarting further attacks on Washington DC and saving countless lives. But you were more than a group of people standing up to terror, you were Americans whose legacies deserve individual recognition. And yours includes acknowledgement of the fact that you were gay.  Mark Bingham   On the day you sacrificed your life, gays could not serve openly in the military, our relationships were disdained and ignored by the federal government, and [...]

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Open Letter: Dear Mr. Trump, America is not ‘respected again.’

Dear Mr. Trump, You've repeatedly proclaimed that, by your actions, "America is respected again like never before."   It’s not – and you are the reason. Let me give you an outsider’s view.  I’m a Canadian 54-year-old mother of three.  Like most average Canadians, I follow American politics because, for better or worse, things that happen south of our border reverberate here.  We are a proud, distinct nation, but no one can dispute that our futures are intertwined with America’s. You’re not making America great.  Just because you find a few shills in other countries to bolster your self-esteem, it’s clear you’ve [...]

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Open Letter: Right-wing trolls don’t understand fundamental principles of the Constitution they claim to support.

For a bunch of flag-waving, thank-you-for-your-service-ing, Constitution-loving “real” Americans, there’s a lot about fundamental American legal principles that right-wing trolls flat out get wrong.  As a lawyer, I find their takes on two such principles particularly irksome. Freedom of Speech Let’s set aside the gross hypocrisy on display when the right demonizes athletes kneeling for the national anthem to protest systemic racism but then lionizes the homophobic bigot refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  Every time Twitter or any other platform suspends a right-wing asshole for, well, being an asshole, Fox and Friends and the army of [...]

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