Open Letter: Dear Mr. Trump, America is not ‘respected again.’

Dear Mr. Trump, You've repeatedly proclaimed that, by your actions, "America is respected again like never before."   It’s not – and you are the reason. Let me give you an outsider’s view.  I’m a Canadian 54-year-old mother of three.  Like most average Canadians, I follow American politics because, for better or worse, things that happen south of our border reverberate here.  We are a proud, distinct nation, but no one can dispute that our futures are intertwined with America’s. You’re not making America great.  Just because you find a few shills in other countries to bolster your self-esteem, it’s clear you’ve [...]

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Open Letter: Right-wing trolls don’t understand fundamental principles of the Constitution they claim to support.

For a bunch of flag-waving, thank-you-for-your-service-ing, Constitution-loving “real” Americans, there’s a lot about fundamental American legal principles that right-wing trolls flat out get wrong.  As a lawyer, I find their takes on two such principles particularly irksome. Freedom of Speech Let’s set aside the gross hypocrisy on display when the right demonizes athletes kneeling for the national anthem to protest systemic racism but then lionizes the homophobic bigot refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  Every time Twitter or any other platform suspends a right-wing asshole for, well, being an asshole, Fox and Friends and the army of [...]

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Open Letter: Mr. Trump, you are an embarrassment to Americans living outside the States.

Dear Mr. Trump, You are an embarrassment to Americans living outside the States. I’m a New Yorker but have worked in London for almost four years. I love my country and consider myself a proud American. But since your election, I feel nothing but excruciating embarrassment the moment anyone brings up your name. Because of you, I temper my accent in public.  I don’t want the inevitable uncomfortable conversations or the conflict. I don’t want to badmouth my fellow Americans. I don’t want any of it on my shoulders. But it’s there, all the time. Every week I meet new [...]

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Open Letter: Mike Pence, you are a FRAUD.

Dear Mike Pence, I see you. You aren’t always at the forefront, but I still see you.  Trump tends to dominate the spotlight, a massive supernova blinding everything in its vicinity. But you’re still there, the silent black hole lurking in the shadows. And just like celestial black holes, you have zero volume and infinite density. Take this week, for example.  You went on a tour of the “facilities” where hundreds (if not thousands) of children, women, and men are being held under the guise of “border protection.”  It did not go well for you – and nor should it [...]

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Open Letter: Dear Nancy Pelosi, it’s time to impeach the President.

  Dear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Ever since the Barr-corrupted release of the Mueller Report, I’ve been hoping and praying you would do the right thing and initiate an impeachment inquiry. But, you did not. Ever since that time, I have placed my trust in your political intuition and experience, but I can no longer do so, for the following reasons: 1)  Trump’s conviction and removal from office by the Senate is NOT the point. Doing the right thing is the point. Trump’s obstruction of justice is flagrant and Mueller’s documentation is clear and convincing. Therefore, impeachment is a Constitutional imperative. [...]

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Open Letter: To my Trump-supporting family.

To my Trump-supporting family, On the morning of November 9, 2016, the America I knew and loved died.  Or rather, I woke that day to discover that it never really existed in the first place.  Let me explain.  I grew up in the Deep South.  I was a flag-waving, gun-shooting, red-blooded American boy.  I said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school, got tingles when I heard the national anthem, and fervently accepted that no other country on the planet could ever come close to the grandeur, freedom, and inspiration that the United States of America offered.  We were [...]

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Opinion: Why Franklin Graham needs to STFU about Pride.

In recent weeks many so-called "church leaders" have posted anti-pride Tweets online. While the Twittersphere has rightly dragged the authors of these posts for their lies, it's alarming -- albeit not surprising -- how many likes, retweets, and messages of support they receive, especially from other church leaders and people who purport to be of faith. But perhaps the biggest offender is Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the charity Samaritan's Purse. Whether through his sermons, lengthy Facebook posts, or his political stances, Graham always finds a way to show disdain, judgment, and blind [...]

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Opinion: It’s time for the gay community to stop being so damn polite to church leaders.

I recently watched an interview with writer Afua Hirschan, a woman of color, in which she railed against constantly being invited onto news networks or TV shows to provide opposing view to racist guests.  Her argument was simple: “Why give them a platform in the first place? When it comes to racism, pro-racism now apparently is so normalized that I find myself having to debate people who are openly and overtly racist. I think it’s really worrying because it does send a message that these two positions are equal. When did people decide racism is a valid opinion?” And she's [...]

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An open letter to the political blue checks of Twitter.

Hello, all you verified political junkies! I followed you during the lead-up to the 2016 election. I laughed at your witty retorts to Republican tweets, I shared your concerns about the awful policies suggested by then-candidate Donald Trump. I found your hot takes thought-provoking and marvelled at your genius of summing things up in just 280 characters. It didn’t matter that you weren’t politicians, lawmakers, or journalists. If anything, it made you more relatable. I felt like we were all on the same side. But… something has happened in the past year that is making me steer clear of your [...]

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