Kamala Harris kicks off 2020 presidential campaign.

BBC Reports: A campaign kick-off is a political show of force. It's a chance to demonstrate that a candidate's appeal exists beyond op-ed think-pieces, lines on a fund-raising report or clicks on a social media post. Nothing drives home the potential of ballot-box success quite like a throng of faces in a cheering crowd. On a warm Sunday afternoon at a public square in Oakland, California, Kamala Harris made just such a statement, packing in an estimated 20,000 people as she officially launched her presidential bid. "These are not ordinary times, and this is not an ordinary election, but this [...]

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WATCH: Canadian MP explains why she will continue to rock her braids

"Mr Speaker, I will continue to rock these braids for three reasons..."pic.twitter.com/ZCdbvjvKsm — Greg Hogben (@MyDaughtersArmy) September 22, 2017

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WATCH: Rooftop view of the Women’s March in Washinton DC.

Amazing video footage of the Women's March in DC. It was held one day after the Inauguration of Donald. J. Trump. Vid via @KerryGFleming pic.twitter.com/xn0BTcPaR3 — Greg Hogben (@MyDaughtersArmy) July 21, 2017

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