Finland’s Sanna Marin is to become the world’s youngest Prime Minister at age 34.

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The Finnish transport minister was elected by her Social Democratic party and will be sworn in later this week. She will lead a centre-left coalition with four other parties, all headed by women.



Marin rose quickly through the ranks of the Social Democrats, heading the city administration in Tampere at the age of 27 and becoming an MP in 2015. When she takes office, Ms Marin will be the world’s youngest sitting prime minister, ahead of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern who is 39, and Ukrainian premier Oleksiy Honcharuk who is 35.

The BBC reports  Marin was raised in a “rainbow family”, living in a rented apartment with her mother and her mother’s female partner. She told the Menaiset website (in Finnish) in 2015 that as a child she felt “invisible” because she was unable to talk openly about her family

Marin will become the third female prime minister of Finland.