Sainsbury’s has become the first major UK supermarket to ban the sale of fireworks in all 2,300 stores ahead of the November 5th Guy Fawkes Night celebrations. The decision comes over concern of the distress they cause to pets, local wildlife, and the elderly.

The announcement has been welcomed by pet owners and local animal charities.

A spokesman for the Dogs Trust said that while fireworks “can look beautiful” they can be “distressing” for dogs and left owners on “tenterhooks” as they’re accessible all year-round. They added: “To reduce the distress caused to dogs we would like their use restricted to licensed public displays at certain times of the year or organized events, which are well publicized. This will enable owners to take steps to prepare their dogs ahead of any fireworks events. Good for the dogs and good for firework fans.”

There have also been calls for US retailers to follow by example. Last year hundreds of people volunteered at dog shelters in Arizona to help calm animals during the 4th July celebrations.

Photos via Maricopa County Animal Care and Control