Boston filmmaker Lee Loechler has just raised the bar in marriage proposals.




From Indiewire:

The ambitious proposal involved Loechler mounting a screening of “Sleeping Beauty” at the Coolidge Screening Room in Brookline, Mass. The video was shared by the Art House Convergence on Thursday, which in an email said, “On December 30, a young man rented the Coolidge Screening Room for a surprise proposal to his girlfriend. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is her favorite film, so he hired someone to animate a fake ending where they become the main characters and his onscreen character tosses a ring for him to ‘catch’ in real life. He went to great lengths to make this seem like a real screening, even making fake movie tickets (so the girlfriend actually unwittingly invited HIM to her own proposal), and got strangers from Reddit to show up so it wouldn’t just be her family in the room.”