Dear Mitch, Lindsey, Jim, Marco, Rand, and Co.,

Today, you’ve finally completed the transition you’ve been making for the last several years. No matter your intentions or plans, you’re not valiant defenders of the American way of life, you are repulsive, spineless minions. You’ve sold out American ideals for a demagogue who, if you could ever be honest with yourselves (let alone the rest of us), you know is unfit to hold the Presidency.  So fuck you.  The only thing you really love is power, supremacy, and privilege.  But that shit isn’t going to last.  We’re going to make damn sure it doesn’t.

You feigned outraged when Hillary Clinton infamously branded a segment of Trump’s supporters as a basket of deplorables, but everything they’ve done and said since then just proves that Hillary was right all along. But she couldn’t have known how expansive that basket would grow.  Now it’s not just the white nationalists, racists, xenophobes, and homophobes she meant at the time. Trump has swelled that basket to carry the entire GOP. And you’re either happy to go for the ride or too chickenshit to get out.

But that balloon is going to burst and we are going to relish watching the whole basket crash — preferably to the depths of hell where you deserve.

Trump can do anything and get away with it because you are so blind or so terrified that he might tweet in your general direction that you will never stand up. Or you pretend to stand up only when you know the outcome protecting him is secure. There is no line that Trump will cross, no norm he shatters, no sense of decency he obliterates that will bring you to your senses.

Your arrogance keeps you from seeing just how genuinely ignorant you really are. Every step of the way, Trump has constantly changed his tune and you dumbfucks just keep singing along.

  • “I didn’t do [*insert any of Trump’s repulsive transgressions*].”
  • “Ok, someone else may have done it, but I didn’t know and I wasn’t involved.”
  • “Ok, I may have been involved, but I did nothing wrong.”
  • “Fine, I was involved but it wasn’t what it seems.”
  • And finally: “Fuck it, it’s exactly what it seems, I was involved, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

But you know what? You can wave all the flags you want and keep shrieking about “fake news,” but fuck you, you’re fake Americans. You really don’t give a fuck about your constitutional duties because you’re enabling Trump’s destruction of the basic framework the Constitution established to secure the future of this country.  All you care about is that there’s someone in the White House who validates your insecurities.  Deep down, you know that when you chant “Make America Great Again,” you really mean “Make America What It Was Before It Elected a Black Man President.”

But you don’t represent the majority in this country, even if your candidate won the last election thanks to a fluke of the electoral college. You got your President, and he’s going to survive (this round of) impeachment. He’s making all your conservative wet dreams come true, and you’re jizzing yourself over how much you’re owning the libtards – or you’re heaving sighs of relief that yet again you’ve done just enough to duck your responsibilities without drawing Trump’s ire. Enjoy it while it lasts, because motherfuckers, the gloves are coming off.

The era of “when they go low, we go high” is gone. No, we aren’t going to stoop so low as to break the law like Trump, but we sure as hell are going to start wielding the law without remorse, just as you have. To hell with the middle ground and negotiation and compromise. We can’t reach across the divide when you’re petulantly sitting on your hands or have them shoved up to your shoulders into the deep pockets of wealthy donors who prop you up.

Come November, and every single day until then, we’re going to take away the power held by your spineless, sycophantic leaders. No race is uncontested, no matter the state. No seat is safe, no matter how much you gerrymander it.  Some of you may claim you’re “moderate” Republicans, but today proves there’s no such thing anymore. Now, you’re either a Trumpian or an American; you can’t be both.

And you can try to sow division in the Democratic primaries all you like, but once they’re over, we’re putting that shit aside so we can destroy your asses.  Because the only thing Bernie Bros or Bidenistas or Warren Warriors hate more than each other is you and everything you stand for.

So enjoy your Senate impeachment acquittal.  It’s going to be your last big win for a while.  You may have won this battle, but the war is far from over — and this time the degenerate you follow can’t withhold any military aid to keep us from crushing you.  Suit up, motherfuckers.


Portland, ME

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