Dear Mr. Trump,

You’ve repeatedly proclaimed that, by your actions, “America is respected again like never before.”   It’s not – and you are the reason.

Let me give you an outsider’s view.  I’m a Canadian 54-year-old mother of three.  Like most average Canadians, I follow American politics because, for better or worse, things that happen south of our border reverberate here.  We are a proud, distinct nation, but no one can dispute that our futures are intertwined with America’s.

You’re not making America great.  Just because you find a few shills in other countries to bolster your self-esteem, it’s clear you’ve inflicted profound damage to America’s reputation around the world.  You either know how badly you’re diminishing America’s standing in the world and simply don’t care as long as your ego is fed, or you’re entirely lacking self-awareness and are recklessly steering the ship of state into jagged rocks. I cringe every time I see you stumble your way through an interview. It’s like watching a cocky school kid standing in front of his class, trying to bluff his way through a book report on a novel he clearly hasn’t read.

So no, I do not respect you, your politicians, your supporters, or the businessmen who are taking advantage of the chaos you wreak for their gain.

America historically has always been respected, both here and across the world, even in your darkest and most scandalous times.   But our respect for America is actually in spite of rather than because of you.  The world still respects the determination of those who oppose you. As much as you try to downplay them, the world sees the Women’s March, the March for Our Lives, the protests at ICE detention centers, rallies demanding gun reform, and swarms of people at airports welcoming and supporting those affected by your unconscionable Muslim travel ban.  To those protesters, I say: take heart; we see you; the world sees you; we’re by your side; you will be the ones who make America great again – after you pick up the pieces of the Republic left behind once Trump becomes the aberration he should be.

You keep recycling the same sound bites. “Together, we are making America great again!”  “Our Country, unlike others, is doing great!” “You have no choice but to vote for me.” Mr. Trump, repeating mantras doesn’t make them any less of a lie.  Your dwindling supporters may fall for it, but the rest of America and the world aren’t.  You’d see that if you bothered reading or watching anything other than fawning media coverage. 

There is one thing on which I think we agree: the media isn’t what they seem.  But your disdain for the media is reserved solely for when they don’t stroke your presidential ego, while mine is for letting you into the presidential race to begin with. They should never have given you any clout, coverage, or validation.  Your sideshow should have ended the moment you went back up that escalator.  I hope they have learned from their mistakes, but I fear they haven’t. 

Respect is earned, not given.  And you have done nothing to warrant even a shadow of the world’s respect.  If your time in office has done anything to “Make America Great Again,” it has only been by rousing people from the sidelines to challenge the gross injustices that have always festered in your country (and others), which you’ve only magnified.  The formidable task of restoring the world’s respect for America will fall to them, and the rest of us will be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with them once you’re thankfully gone.

— Mary

Toronto, Ontario


This letter was submitted to the ‘Open Letters’ series. If you would like to contribute by writing a letter of your own, please contact Greg at [email protected]