Dear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Ever since the Barr-corrupted release of the Mueller Report, I’ve been hoping and praying you would do the right thing and initiate an impeachment inquiry. But, you did not. Ever since that time, I have placed my trust in your political intuition and experience, but I can no longer do so, for the following reasons:

1)  Trump’s conviction and removal from office by the Senate is NOT the point. Doing the right thing is the point. Trump’s obstruction of justice is flagrant and Mueller’s documentation is clear and convincing. Therefore, impeachment is a Constitutional imperative.

2)  The prime-time, reality-TV extravaganza of well-orchestrated impeachment-inquiry hearings would educate voters on the facts of the case. Facts the public was denied by the corrupt lie told by Attorney General William Barr that the Mueller Report exonerated Trump. A lie that were subsequently and gleefully propagated by the politically-complicit Fox News.

3)  Democrats need to demonstrate to the voting public what they will and will not stand for. Silence and fearfulness in the face of conspicuous corruption is not the message to send voters in the existential election year of 2020. Also, timidity and caution will not inspire the 94-million non-voters to step out of their comfort zone and vote on 11/3/2020.

4)  Per separate recommendations from professor Laurence Tribe and journalist Jennifer Ruben, if, at the conclusion of the impeachment hearings, the McConnell Senate remains committed to their cover-up of Trump’s criminality, instead of a vote to send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, the House could conduct two other votes:  One to hold Trump in contempt for his criminal actions and another for a resolution to submit an indictment referral to the Department of Justice, AFTER Trump is out of office.

5)  An impeachment inquiry needs to be initiated PRIOR to Mueller’s scheduled testimony on July 17th. If Mueller’s testimony is a flop, which has a high probability due to his reluctance to participate and Republican committee members’ intent to obstruct, distract and obfuscate, an impeachment inquiry will die an ignominious death the very same day. On the other hand, if Mueller’s testimony is a success, you will have no choice in the matter – public opinion will make impeachment unstoppable. But here’s the point – either way, Trump is still a criminal, only under the first scenario, he gets off free and clear. Why take that risk?

Bottom line, Speaker Pelosi, if you are unwilling or unable to do the right thing, it is time for you to resign and turn the leadership of our party over to a Democrat with the courage and vision to lead us boldly into that brave new future. Our Democracy is counting on you.







This letter was submitted to the ‘Open Letters’ series. If you would like to contribute by writing a letter of your own, please contact Greg at [email protected]


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