President Trump,

I must admit, I’m enjoying watching you sweat. For a man so fond of walls, it’s delicious irony watching your own closing in on you so fast.

The impeachment hearings have already confirmed so much about you that we already knew. You haven’t got the vaguest grasp of diplomacy, the rule of law, or the Constitution. And, of course, your recent attempt to intimidate Ambassador Yavanovitch while she testified underlined your blatant misogyny.


But the impeachment hearings are showing the wider public that your general lack of understanding is what REALLY exposes you.

When the Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ call (technically extortion, but we know you aren’t one to appreciate the nuance) was made public, you thought you had done nothing wrong. You believed it was no big deal. You shrugged like a child who had broken a vase.  But now, months later,  you’re FINALLY beginning to understand that vase was a priceless heirloom and there is going to be hell to pay for your actions. The panic wasn’t immediate, but when the realization hit, it hit hard.

So, as is your way, you tried to bluff your way out of it with the public.

I’ve noticed you have a bizarre tendency to think that just because you admit to something (usually once it’s been exposed) it’s all okay because, hey, now you’re open and transparent! You seem to think that you couldn’t have broken the law because you’ve confessed the crime. And that, Donnie, doesn’t just make you corrupt, it makes you look stupid.

Your many recent tweets quoting sycophantic Fox News anchors or commentators only prove you’re unable to compose a soundbite as eloquent as those who try to defend you. And now, with each new revelation, you sound less like you’re defending yourself and more like you’re desperately trying to deflect attention or assign the blame to anyone but yourself.

The most damning testimony is coming from people you hired, you once hailed, and from whom you’re now retreating faster than a kitten chased by a gator. Even worse for you, they speak so professionally and so eloquently that it’s obvious they clearly understand things better than you do, which gives their words weight.

I wonder what this week’s hearings will bring?  Who will you accuse of being a ‘Never Trumper,’ despite working in your administration? Who will you harass or attempt to intimidate on Twitter while they testify? Will you dare to once again question the words of decorated veterans? What will you say about Sondland coming clean about your crooked acts, remembering he donated $1 million to your inauguration and you once called him ‘a really good man’ and a ‘great American’?


And which Republican on the committee will you hail as a hero when they destroy their own legacy by fighting or defending your corner?

I dare say we’ll once again see how fast you turn on people if they don’t excuse your misdeeds. But when your attacks on people who don’t defend you come so regularly, they lose all meaning. They become a badge of honor – a badge that’s becoming all too common.

To be honest, I hope you do end up testifying, as you suggested on Twitter. The only thing more satisfyingly salty than the fake tan sweat dripping down your utterly incompetent and disgraceful face will be the eventual tears of your apologists as they abandon you once those walls cave in.

Sincerely praying for justice,


— Kissimmee, FL.