To the spineless, complicit, irredeemable GOP Trump enablers:

You did this. You have fomented the chaos, division, and discord that Trump sows. You’ve enabled his every foible, you’ve excused his destruction, and you’ve attacked anyone challenging Trump’s cult of personality.

And now that the walls are closing in, you’re silent. Or worse, you’re continuing to defend or excuse the behavior that everyone outside the Fox News bubble can see is destroying the institutions that underpin our democracy. But we know how this story goes. As more and more comes out and even the most ardent Trumpers have to acknowledge that there’s a criminal in the White House, you’re going to try to change your tune. You’ll claim you’ve stood for the Constitution and the People. But We the People see you. We aren’t going to fall for your feint.

In the theater of American politics you took the audience for fools, never realizing that we could see the entire stage. Now that the house lights are on, we see more than the spotlight’s narrow focus and now you’re the ones exposed. You were the chorus and Trump’s been the star. But you didn’t read the script to the end, and there’s a twist: you’re the fools.

Do you honestly believe that after this nightmare is over anyone will ever forgive or forget that you sold your soul – not to mention your country – to Donald Trump? We’ve witnessed your cowardice, your craven pursuit of power and attention. You shouted from your high horse for years about patriotism and duty to country, but you’ve gone against everything you’ve preached, all in the name of Party and Leader over country and principle.

Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence. The list goes on and on. During the 2016 primaries, I thought you were all typical politicians. I disagreed with everything you said and did, but at least I had a modicum of respect for sticking to your allegedly conservative principles. You openly acknowledged that Trump was a charlatan, a fraud. But you abandoned your conscience the second it was clear that Trump was going to win. And now it’s all coming back to haunt you. Trump’s death-by-a-thousand-cuts has left the Republic bleeding profusely, and you’re standing by with a band aid and a blindfold.

You knew this would happen. You said so. And now that it’s all in the open, you’ve been outed as the greasy, spineless sycophants you desperately tried to disguise. And you put all your faith, all of your legacies in the hands of a man who couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass about your reputation or your future.

So now you’re going to be forever attached, consumed, and tarred by the criminal that Trump is. You’ll be scorned by the People you called traitors. Even the Fox News crowd eventually will come to their senses when it all comes tumbling down, and they’ll turn on you with utter disdain.

I hope you think it was all worth it. Because your names will be indelibly marked by Trump’s stain on our history. And you’ll deserve every bit of it.


New York

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