British Labour MP Angela Eagle is being praised for a passionate speech she delivered at the House of Commons defending the right of children to learn about LGBT+ rights.

Eagles became tearful as she explained why it’s important to allow young people to learn, and accused the protesters of such lessons of being “extremist and reactionary.”

Pictured parents protesting outside the gates near Anderton Park School, Moseley, Birmingham, against the alleged teaching of sexual gender at the school, but the school is not teaching no outsiders subject around equality act in primary schools.

Angela Eagle: “We know that the motivations of some of those involved in this are reactionary and they are to return us to an era where LGBT people should get back in the closet and hide and be ashamed of the way they are,” she began.

We aren’t going to get back in the closet, or hide, or be ashamed of the way we are.

And nor are we going to allow a generation of pupils that are now in school to go through what the pupils in the 80s had to go through because this chamber let them down.


Well said, Angela.