ITV News reports: A former Royal Marine from Devon who developed uncontrollable shakes says his life’s been transformed by pioneering treatment at a Bristol Hospital- involving robots. Mac MacGregor’s tremors had become so bad he couldn’t drink out of a cup, or brush his teeth. Now – thanks to radical surgery at Southmead Hospital – he’s almost back to normal.

Today Mac MacGregor is almost back to his normal very active self. He was supremely fit. He taught thousands of his fellow Royal Marines to ski, so when he got a deep tremor and Parkinsons it was a hard blow.

Wind the clock back almost a year and this is Mac demonstrating to hospital staff at Southmead in Bristol how bad his shaking is. He can’t pick up and drink a plastic cup to take a drink.

Then they switched on a device which sent a tiny electronic pulse telling his brain to behave.

“The device works by having a battery or generator and that sits just under the collar bone. Its all under the skin and then a lead comes off from that battery that plugs in, it goes up and then the end of the lead is pushed down by your friendly neuro surgeon deep into the brain.”


“It’s been, it’s not a cure all but it is very near and it is good enough for me.”


Video via British TV Show – What Would Be Your Miracle?